I have a family favorite salmon recipe which I created.  It uses a burger basket (available at Meijer's or Walmart) and a charcoal or gas grill.  Take well-trimmed salmon filets (larger fish work best) and arrange them in the open basket, drench with fresh lemon juice and season with Old Bay Seasoning.  Place thin slices of sweet onions on filets, then 3-4 slices of thin-sliced bacon.  Close the basket and turn over and repeat on the opposite side.  Cook until flakes begin to separate - do not overcook!  Bacon my appear uncooked but is cooked by the time the fish is done.

You need:
a burger basket for grilling burgers on the grill
Well trimmed salmon filets
Sweet onions, sliced…..Vidalia are good
Lemon juice
Old Bay Seasoning
Thin sliced bacon
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