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2024Year Long Contest


Downloadable 2024 Form

The contest runs through November 1, 2024.
CONTEST SPECIES: Chinook salmon, Coho Salmon, Steelhead, Brown Trout, Lake Trout
ELIGIBILITY: All members of the Grand Haven Steelheaders, their spouse and children, holding a
current Michigan Fishing License. To be eligible for weigh-in, the fish must be caught by an eligible contestant.
REGISTRATION: the contest is open to members of the Grand Haven Steelheaders, their spouse and children. Contestants must pre-register for the contest before a fish is caught and weighed. There is no registration fee for the regular YEAR LONG CONTEST. (There is a registration fee of $10 for the big fish side contest – see below).
Fill out the registration form completely and mail it to Christine Nienhuis.
Contest Co-ordinators: Christine and Nelson Nienhuis, Martin Parrott
Mail your registration form to: Christine Nienhuis
17528 Valley City Avenue
Spring Lake, Michigan 49456
WEIGH-IN: Fish must be weighed on a designated scale. The entry form must be filled out completely. The entry form must be presented by the contestant to the contest chairman, by mail or in person, NO LATER THAN TWO WEEKS FROM THE CATCH DATE.
Scales are located at Lake View Tackle in Grand Haven and Fish On Bait and Tackle on M-104 in Spring Lake.
Emergency weigh in can be scheduled by phone with Nelson and Chris Nienhuis @ Home: 616-846-0863
Cell: 616-638-3684; Matt Whitney - Cell: 616-638-4061
Weigh-in, if necessary, can also be done on a commercial certified scale - indicate business name on form.
SCORING: All fish will be judged by weight only.
FISHING AREA: All Mich waters of Lake Mich, Lake Michigan drowned river mouths and inland waters of Michigan
AWARDS: Awards will be given for each of the categories. The presentations will take place at the Steelheaders Annual December dinner/recognition event.
STANDINGS: An up to date leader list will be published on the GH Steelheader web site.(www.ghsteelheaders.com) All fish must be caught in accordance with current Michigan law and the contest rules. The Grand Haven Steelheaders Board of Directors shall rule upon any conflict arising from this contest. The Board’s ruling will be final.
City ______________________________________ Zip _______________________________
Telephone_________________________________ E-mail_____________________________
Boat Name_________________________________

BIG FISH ‘POT’ side contest: □YES - $10.00 registration enclosed Mail to: Christine Nienhuis, 17528 Valley City Avenue Spring Lake, Michigan 49456

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