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If you enjoy hot weather and hot fishing you should be planning to spend this weekend on the water! The strange weather we've had so far this season has kept excellent numbers of 2 and 3 year old kings in the area and the lake trout are moving in fast. As an added bonus there have been a number of big steelhead showing up in coolers, we took a 16 lb male last night, and the occasional coho is still being caught as well. This fishing will probably start to slow a bit as the south winds blow over the next few days but there's just enough north wind tossed in the 10 day forecast to give me hope that we'll have decent numbers of kings around all month.

I have more good news for those of you, all of us, that are tired of the high cost of fuel already. You can find a mixed bag of species anywhere from 70 - 140 FOW so you don't have to travel far. The salmon have been the most active from 30 - 60' down and continue to hit the UV Capt Gary, UV Mixed Veggies, gold Jager Bomb and Flea For All patterns on standard and SuperSlim sized Dreamweaver spoons. Steelhead have been hitting some of these same patterns on higher downriggers and have also been smacking gold Orange Crush, gold Watermelon, Jawbreaker and Rodman patterns on SuperSlims and Stinger blades fished on lead cores of 6 to 8 colors in length. If you prefer copper line we've been hitting steelhead well on our 75' and taking a mixed bag on 150 - 250' copper rigs. If silver fish are your primary target I'd suggest a trolling speed of 2.5 mph SOG and slowly bumping it up until you have success. Watch which direction the river water flows as you head out of the channel to determine the direction of the current and also get an indication of how strong it is. The Muskegon weather buoy is also a great source of info for current but if you prefer to leave your smart phone at home while fishing there are plenty of ways to figure it out that only require you to pay a little attention to.

When the salmon bite slows down in the morning, or when you start out in the afternoon, there are a ton of trout around that have been more than willing to keep crews busy. I've had my best success this year on 8" Dreamweaver Paddles in White Crush Glow, the Yellow Bikini Bottom and Chrome Yellow Dot with a chrome and yellow spotted Whirly Gig behind any one of those. Run your rig about 4 to 7 feet behind the ball and keep it within a few feet of bottom. Lately all you need is one of these set ups in the water to keep busy and you need to watch closely as there is quite a sizeable population of young trout in the 12 - 17" class and there bites are easy to miss. If you go more than 15 or 20 minutes without a bite check to see if you're dragging a fish. A slower presentation between 2.1 and 2.5 mph SOG has been the best but we've taken plenty of fish up to 3 mph so you don't have to choose between presentations to put something delicious in the cooler.

The pier has been pretty deserted the last couple of days as the current has warmed the inside waters up and chased the steelhead out of casting distance. Catfish have been active and guys have been doing well fishing inside the channel with cut bait. The continued warm up will probably bring some smallmouth bass around the piers too so if you're looking for an excuse to spend a little time on the pier you can always give those a try as well.

It looks like we're going to have a beautiful weekend so don't waste it doing something like cutting the grass or edging the driveway. Get out and go fishing!

Good luck,


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