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I have a pretty slim fishing report because I have not talked to any anglers in Muskegon.
Grand Haven---The water is very muddy from the waves on Friday still, so boat anglers are having to go out past the muddy water. Water depth is 160'-260' and downrigger depth is 40'-20'. 5,7, and full leadcores are working too. Spoons are working best in the colors of orange and yellow, but orange is for sure working best. Pier anglers are now trying for steelhead by using spawn bags, but not having very good luck at all.
No perch at either port.



Larry Stauffer / No Bananas
# Larry Stauffer / No Bananas
Friday, October 7, 2011 1:26 AM
Report from the NO Bananas for the evening of oct. 6th,2011. Grand Haven. We went out to 260 ft of water and the surface temp dropped to 51deg. No fish till we went back to 240 and hit that pocket of 55 deg.water. By almost dark we took 4 kings 1 steelie and three lakers. 2 kings were 14lbs and the steelie was 13. The three biggest. Top baits were grn dolphin on half cores and a rigger at 60 ft.down,the smaller dreemweaver white flasher w/pickled sunshine fly on a dypsey set at#2 200ft.back (took 3 ) and right at sunset the white spin doc.w/oceana fly on a dypsey #2 setting 150 ft.back,started gettn hit like crazy! for a total of 8 fish tallying 81 lbs. One time we had a tripple and landed all 3. With only two of us in the boat,six rods kept us plenty busy.
# awhitney
Friday, October 7, 2011 8:40 AM
Sounds like you had a great trip, thanks for the info. We fished yesterday morning and found the murky water had edged out to almost 260' where we were at. Once we were outside the break we go into the steelhead on 3 color lead cores with an alfonz jr. We only had 3 fly bites but spoons were steady on rigs set at similar depths to yours. We also notice the murky water line moved closer to shore as we moved south so I'm thinking the currents will keep things moving around daily. The fish were in 210 - 230 Tuesday night.
Larry Stauffer / No Bananas
# Larry Stauffer / No Bananas
Sunday, October 9, 2011 7:14 PM
Report from NO BANANAS for oct.9, 2011. Set lines at 7 am. in 150 fow. Within 15 munutes ,had 2 hits and put 1 FAT 11# king in the box! Thought we were gonna be done early. NOT! Worked hard till 2:30 pm. picking up a total of 7 for 11. 4 stl hd, 2 kings and a laker. The stl. hd. were all 8 to 10 pounds. Beautiful fish! It didn't seem to matter what color of spoons we used, they just bit what ever went by their face. That is for the hungry ones. The 8"drm weaver white/violet flasher is still working goodw/ the pickled sunshine fly on a dypsey @ #2, 200 ft. back, T.n.T on a half core and of corse old faithful grn. dolph. 60 down on a rigger. The small 4# king was the only fish that had stomach contents. I bet the evening bite is gonna be hot! I would also like to say hats off to our DNRE and our biologists for their effort in improving our great lakes fishery. We are catching bigger and healthier fish than i've ever seen in YEARS! The fish stocking cut-back worked! I can't wait to see how big the fish are gonna be next year.
Tony DeVecht - Spoonfeeder
# Tony DeVecht - Spoonfeeder
Monday, October 10, 2011 11:43 AM
WOW!! What a great weekend of fishing! Started out Friday afternoon on a trip with my son and some of his college buddies in 180 feet of water and headed west. Started out very slow but picked up dramatically in 220' and we ended up with 5 nice steelies and kings. Saturday morning I took a friend from Kalamazoo and his 15 year old son; leaving the dock at 9 AM we had 9 lines set in 230' of water by 9AM and again headed west. Shortly after set up we were well into action and turned north in 255' of water. By 12:30 we had 11 2-3 year old kings and steelhead in the boat and lost only one fish due to a fouled net job by an exhausted captain. We actually made the decision to release the one year olds due to the volume of fish we were taking fearing we would hit our limit sooner than we wanted; we realeased 5-6 one year olds. At 1:30 we returned to port with an exhausted crew, a full cooler of fish and a very happy 15 year old young man who I am certain will be talking about his first big lake fishing trip well after I have departed this earth! On Sunday we again set in 230' of water and landed 6 of 8 fish all very nice Kings and steelhead. On all 3 trips we rigged with mostly the slim spoons of the greener variety staying away from orange as they seemed to attract the lakers which I am not fond of. Hello Darlin, green ladder back and modified blue and green dolphine were by far the hottest. Troll direction due to wave conditions did not seem to matter. Trolling speed (SOG) was at 3.0 to 3.2; on Saturday I found that if I needed a break from the action all I had to do was slow my troll to 2.7 which on Saturday came in handy as at one point I needed to re-set 6 of my 9 lines.
This is the first year that I have referred to Whitney's fishing report for direction and have found it most useful and accurate; thank you to Whitney's for taking the time to share this great information.

Happy Fishing!
Captain Tony - Spoonfeeder, Grand Haven

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