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While last weeks wild weather certainly changed the water conditions, it did nothing to slow down the fishing. I didn't get out Saturday but here is what we found on Sunday. VERY cold water from the piers out to 180 ft where a very sharp change in the water color indicated an equally dramatic change in temperature. The surface temp changed from 47 to 53 degrees within a couple hundred yards and this is where you'll want to set lines. The fish were hitting from the surface on down to 80 feet primarily on spoons. The Hello Darlin, Modified Blue and Green Dolpins, Mixed Veggies, Jager Bomb and Capt. Gary in standard sized Stingers, Dreamweaver Super Slims and Fuzzy Bear spoons were all very effective. Most of the action took place on down riggers set between 35 and 60 feet but all lengths of lead core, coppers to 300 ft and Dipsy Divers set from 75 to 200 feet back took fish. Our catch was made up mostly of 2 and 3 year old kings, lake trout (in season until the 31st of Oct. this year) from 4 to 12 lbs, and steelhead up to 12 lbs. We found the best concentration of bigger fish to be inside of 240 feet of water with a higher concentration of smaller fish out beyond that point. Boats out to 310 feet of water were commenting on a number of 12 - 14 inch cohos in their catch but we were fortunate enough to only take 3 fish on two trips in that size range. For the most part we found a trolling speed of 3 mph, gps SOG, to be the most effective with most courses producing well with the exception of southeast to southwest (110 - 250 deg). Take a moment to look at the web cam and notice the water color. For the moment you want to go out far enough to find the dark blue water you're used to seeing instead of the bright blue water you see in the picture. That's where the action is. With the forecast calling for light southerly winds this week I would expect the fishing to remain very good. Watch your surface temp gage closely on your way out and pay attention to the water color while looking for the slicks that are sure to form with these conditions.

There were only a handful of fisherman on the piers yesterday and Linear Park looked pretty deserted too. The river temp is in the mid to upper 50's and the water temps on lake are plenty cold so fishing should improve but the water is murky yet from the storm. Another day or two should fix this.

If you haven't broken in your new waders yet now is the time to get going. The rivers are all loaded with fish and a few steelhead are showing up along with the kings. Big fish are still being reported by many anglers. My son caught and released a spawned out 44" female that still tipped the scales at 23 lbs on the P.M. last Friday. I can only imagine what she would have weighed back in early August.

The bluegills are biting on the bayous. Go visit any of your favorite spring spots and you will likely be rewarded with a nice bucket of gills as the bigger fish have become more active lately. The bridge at Stearns Bayou and bridges in Spring Lake are good choices if you want to leave your boat home.

Good luck and enjoy the weather this week!

Matt Whitney



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