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For those that have been fortunate enough to get out lately the fishing has been excellent. Less than ideal water temperatures in the mid 60's have forced us to fish deeper down than we'd like but it's not slowed the fish down a bit. The 11" Dreamweaver paddle in white with the fish scale or slick glow tape with an Oceana or Poofster fly have been money in the bank lately. Spoons are still working and the Hello Darlin and Blue Dolphin are taking plenty of fish and have been my top choices for the highest downrigger. The best depths have been from 90 to 140 feet down in 90 to 180 feet of water. The best part of fishing deep is that you can forget about running all of the long lines unless you really enjoy putting them out there. On our last trip we had 37 strikes and only 6 of those were on divers or copper lines which made catching fish much more fun for our customers as they didn't have to battle anything more than the fish. That situation looks like it may change though as two days of gale force winds from the north with seas up to 10 ft are in the forecast and have a way of reorganizing the playing field. If you break the pierheads and find water less than 60 degrees close to shore it might be a good idea to set up with plenty of orange in the top 25 feet as it'll be a good bet that the steelhead will be there and late running kings and cohos will move in as well.

Pier fishing has been pretty slow but this next cold front should help out in a big way and put fish by the piers no later than Saturday. For those that prefer to stay inland a bit, fishing from linear park has remained steady for mature kings with a few cohos mixed in. Small gold spoons and bright Thundersticks are working as well as spawn suspended beneath a bobber near the power plant discharge.

All of the area rivers have plenty of fish in them so if the wind doesn't let up by Saturday morning you can take your pick and enjoy a day on the river bank or wading out into a river to chase big kings. I spent a couple hours drifting Hot'nTots with my sons last weekend and while it wasn't fast we had 7 fish latch on to our gold and orange colored plugs just often enough to keep me from napping. If you do head to a river I'd recommend going upstream a ways as many of the fish have already made their way up to gravel stretches and have begun spawning. Casting a number 3 gold Mepps spinner has always been one of my favorite methods for generating some explosive strikes from the males in these areas.

For the bluegill fisherman out there, I overheard a conversation at the grocery store the other day about some non-stop action in the local bayous. I didn't run anybody down for details but this is an excellent time to visit your favorite bluegill waters and put some fillets in the freezer without having to drill a hole through 5 inches of ice first. I like earth worms, red worms and chunks of crawler on a #10 sized tear drop at this time of year as the fish tend to be aggressive and the larger fish like the larger offerings.

With good weather in the weekend forecast, good luck choosing between the abundant fishing choices, small game hunting, northern zone duck hunting or sitting in a tree and waiting for the buck of a lifetime. Just make sure and make a choice and have a great time because before you know it the white stuff will be here and fall will be over!

Matt Whitney


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