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Get on the water Saturday as it looks like the best opportunity of the weekend for decent water conditions and good fishing (although you may have to dodge a few lightning bolts in the morning). I'm ready to start my relaxing so I'm going to cheat a little and have you refer to my last report for information as very little has changed with regards to baits and locations. I do believe that will change considerably by Monday or Tuesday however as the north winds that are coming will push some fish into the channel. A good portion of our catch has been made up of some very healthy 3 year old kings lately so if you don't care for combat fishing you should still be able to do very well from 80 on out to 230 feet of water. More steelhead and lake trout are finding their way to the cooler the last couple of days as well so September is shaping up nicely to provide a month of very good fishing.

Another update on the whole dive buoy issue. Roger Belter, our chapter president, contacted the Lakeshore Scuba Divers Assoc. and discussed our concerns with a representative of their group. In a nutshell they know the jug is underwater, they are not going to pay $250 for a 4 foot tall buoy (Overton's, I looked it up online), they might put another floating jug out and as far as creating a dangerous situation the quote of the week is "We've only found downriggers and weights, no boats". As the cost of a single replacement Fish Hawk probe is almost exactly the same price as a buoy and rigger weights selling for $30 - $50, I'd like to think they could afford one with the proceeds from the "treasure" we've unwillingly donated. I hope they don't wait until they do find a boat. One excuse used for not maintaining the marker was that every time they put a jug out, a fisherman cuts the buoy off. The jug was floating for nearly a month with a lot of fishing going on in the area and it's sunk but still there so I don't quite buy that one. I suspect someone probably ran into the jug in low light (we missed it by less than 10' one morning on the way out) and had to cut the line to free their prop. Cutting off the jug certainly does not remove the hazard to fishing gear so if you know of someone considering this action, please advise against it. For now, tell everyone you know to steer clear of the coordinates N 43 02.904, W 086 19.152 (which is just a little south of the pier in about 115 feet of water) or risk funding another persons hobby. 

Have a great Labor Day weekend everybody,

Matt Whitney


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