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It's a great time to be fishing in this area of the lake! Plenty of action and some very big fish, 20 - 25 lbs, have been the rule for the past 5 or 6 days now. Most of the action has been between 60 and 120 feet of water but guys that pushed out as far as 150 to get away from boats reported excellent fishing there too. The favorite spoons lately have been the Blue Dolphins, Hello Darlin, Mixed and Blue Veggies, Modified Blue and Green Dolphins, the Blue Sparkle Bait and NBK's are all working very well lately on riggers and long lines covering the 30 - 60 foot range. Glow baits also continue to take plenty of fish during the first and last hours of daylight. Pick your favorite glow and run it on your highest rigger for best results. The Dreamweaver 11" Paddle with either a Pickled Sunshine or Oceana fly has been very good when fished on our deepest rigger, set between 60 foot and bottom, lately too. Magnum Dipsy Divers set between 100 and 140 feet back with a number of different Spin Dr. and fly combos have been very effective too. Our favorites have been the "Green Gerry" or a white double slick glow trailing a Pickled Sunshine fly during low light conditions and a Green Bead Mirage fly during brighter periods. For what it's worth, we have been running our baits about 15 - 25 feet behind the downrigger weight and we've taken a number of fish on sliders that are only 5 ft long so the fish haven't been too shy lately. One thing I have noticed though is that with the full moon, which is beginning to shrink, fishing has been the best for us from 7:30 - 10 in the morning and during the hours of 3 - 7 in the evening allowing for some decent sleeping time if you're not trying to fit two trips into each day. This won't last much longer as a more typical early/late bite is sure to take over within the next week but enjoy it while it lasts.

As we've been going non-stop lately my eyes are getting blurry I haven't noticed what's happening on the pier but I suspect the slightly warmer water has slowed things down. It should still be worth a try very early in the morning and at last light in the evening though.

Get out there soon as the big ones are biting and they're close to shore!

Matt Whitney


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Fishing Reports

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