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Here we go again. The fish are moving in every direction this week and keeping up with them has been tricky. Early this week fishing slowed down but fair catches were had in the 100 - 130 foot depth range fishing from 50 ft to bottom on the usual assortment of baits. Lake trout were making up at least half the catch. Two days of northerly winds put fish right at the end of the piers on Wednesday with water temps in the mid 40's only 20 feet down. Bright baits with orange were once again the favorites in this shallow water. Strong currents, storms and southerly winds combined to change the landscape and by this morning fishing had slowed back down to early week levels and most of the fish have returned to the 90 - 120 foot range and are most active around 60 foot down. Blue Dolphins, Blue Veggies, Stinger Coyotes and the big white Dreamweaver paddle with the Rapture Oceana fly behind it are working on downriggers and 225' - 300' copper rigs. The next few days are supposed to bring light winds so with a little luck a few slicks will form so keep your eyes peeled for them and check them over good before continuing your search. It also seems to be worth missing out on a little sleep and getting out early the last week or so as the early bite has been good if you're in fish.

Two perch were caught this week! A friend of ours was trolling for salmon in shallow water Thursday morning and picked up two nice perch on accident. That may have been the whole school though so I'm not sure if that's cause for optimism or not. Over the past few years late July upwellings of cold water have created some pretty good perch fishing and there's no reason to believe it won't be the same this year. Watch the forecast, which currently calls for light south and light north winds to alternate daily, and beach water temps to indicate a good time to give the perch a try. 

After all the rain this week I would expect some improvement in river fishing as the water levels start to come down. A good current with relatively clear water was present near the marina yesterday and that usually helps pick the action up a bit for the bass, pike, walleye and catfish. If the water muddies up, head out around the piers and try your luck for smallmouth with tube jigs around the rocks. I've seen good numbers of bluegills out there around the rocks when the water warms up too but I've never been able to get them to bite. Of course I've never been rigged for gills when I'm on the pier either.  

It looks like a nice weekend coming up so pick something to fish for and go for it!

Good luck,

Matt Whitney


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