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They're biting everywhere right now! The flies have bitten my ankles, arms, knees... Actually that's a pretty good summation of the fishing too as this morning saw fair catches of fish in the depth ranges of 30 - 65 , 130 - 170 and also from 200 - 230 feet of water. In the shallow areas, which is where we were, the Jager Bomb was good on a high diver set 50 ft back and the standard sized Stinger Mixed Veggies was reliable on a downrigger set at 35 feet. For other boats the Shanster was a hot bait along with the Double Orange Crush. The common denominator was smaller baits with plenty of orange. Fish were caught on lead cores in the 3, 5, 7 and 10 color lengths. For boats fishing deeper waters, the Blue Dolphin and every variation of Fuzzy Bear spoon with blue on it sounded like the best bets. The fish were active on coppers from 200 - 350 ft in length, high divers from 130 - 170 ft back and on downriggers set from 40 foot on down. The dodger and fly bite has slacked off the last few days but still saw some action later in the day when the Mt. Dew Spin Dr. with double slick glo tape coupled with a Mirage Action Fly with green beads took a few shots. In all depth ranges, nice kings, steelhead, lake trout and the occasional brown have been taken with some kings tipping the scales near the 20 lb mark and a few steelhead in the mid teens.

Pier fishing looks about as predictable as trolling the open waters. On one trip I saw 3 steelhead taken as we were on our way out in the morning. The next day I saw 3 people all landing fish at the same time, 1 carp, 1 sheep head and 1 catfish.

For an inland fishing report I'd check Fish On Bait and Tackles "tweets" or call the folks at Lakeview Marine as I kept my son a little too busy this week. You can find both of their ads on this site. Just click on them for the info.

As a final note, the registration form for the Big King contest in September is now available on our site under the "Events" tab.

Good luck!

Matt Whitney


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