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Hello again,

Here's a last minute update for the weekend. The salmon fishing is as good as it gets right now! We had well over 30 fish on last night and boated 19. The area we fished was from 65' to 95' of water and we found fish in both the stained river water and up to a mile away out in the blue water. We had our downriggers set at 40', 45' and 50' down and our divers were set from 110' to 150' back on the #3 setting. A 7 color lead core and a 150' copper were also effective. The best baits were the Kevorkian Coyote, Goldie Hawn, Green Monkey Puke and Blue Veggie spoons in both Dreamweaver and Stinger standard size spoons. Trolling speed didn't seem to make a great deal of difference but a 2.5 to 2.9 mph troll was my target. Also, keep your eye on your graph and if you see baitfish, get ready for action. We had two quadruples last night when we were over bait.

Good luck this weekend and I'll see you on the water,

Matt Whitney


No bananas charter. Larry Stauffer
# No bananas charter. Larry Stauffer
Saturday, May 28, 2011 8:49 PM
We were out of grand haven this morning,5-28-11,and had my best day of the year so far. We set our gear at around 80ft. No luck untill we hit 116fow. From then on it was fish,fish, fish, then nothing. 20 min. later the same thing. We pulled lines at 2:30 with 13 in the box and lost 6! We had 2 small fish in the 2lb range and the rest were 7 to 14. Nice thick,healthy fish full of fight! Hot baits were goldie hawns lil sis,40 down on rigger, fuzzy br.mod grn dolph. 60 down, m.jackson 1/2 core,t.n.t 1/2 core, fuzzy br.mod. bl dolph 10 color, and fuzzy br.mod. monkey puke on 10 color. Lost a huge hog on the fuzzy nose/w orange latter bk. and green and yellow edges. Broke off in about 30 seconds! Only one i had so i substituted with goldie hawns lil sis. I wish every trip was like that,don't we all.
# Scott
Sunday, May 29, 2011 6:32 PM
Thought I'd take time to thank Whitney Charters for taking the time to share their fishing report.
My crew and I on the "Weekend Hooker", 24" (Starcraft hardtop, name on boat soon to come) always look to Whitney for a target area to start to locate the elusive silver bullets.
We came through the channel last weekend next to each other and our two crews were the only ones who were able to locate the salmon. We talked to 6 other boats on our way in who were all skunked.

Thank you for sharing info as it is almost impossible to come by on the radio anymore. We, however, always share our good fortune if we are able to locate our prize.

Hoping to get out Monday weather permitting.


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