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No, unfortunately that's not a typo, this is a wishing report. I wish I could tell you a pile of hungry kings and coho arrived with the cold water this week but they didn't. I spoke with another captain fishing out Muskegon and their waters are safe (but cold) to swim in too as the large predators we were expecting have not arrived there either. The occasional coho and mature king are still being caught but if this last weather event was not enough to generate a decent run then I would expect a couple more weeks much like the last month where small pockets of kings come in, generate some excitement and then move on or head into the rivers to spawn. There's rain forecast in 8 of the next 10 days which will likely keep fish moving into rivers rather than schooling offshore waiting for the right conditions. Trout will probably continue to be the fish most likely found in coolers for the near future.

Lake trout had been plentiful in waters 100 - 140 feet deep and I suspect after the constantly changing winds finally settle down they'll return to that area. The larger trout will likely be suspended from 10-30 foot off of the bottom if the alewives return so your 450' copper rigs should be effective as well as your shorter wire divers and mid range downriggers. Suspended trout have been actively hitting spoons with the best patterns for me being the Modified MI Dolphins, Flea For All and Blue Mongoose. White with UV tape Paddles and Spin Dr.'s paired with white or chrome Whirly Gigs continue to take the majority of fish near bottom so I finally put my hot Yellow Bikini Bottom in the drawer last week because it cooled off. If Alewives are in short supply run your gear tight to bottom as sculpin will be their primary food source and they like to play in the sand. When the kings are around I've had good luck early in the morning and late in the evening on the Blue and Green Jeans SuperSlims by Dreamweaver. The Crab in the standard size DW has taken some shots too and a lot of guys have hit on a wide assortment of large Moonshine baits.

Looking forward I'm hopeful some coho show up later than normal. This spring started late so hopefully they just haven't looked at the calendar and don't realize that they're supposed to be here yet. If you hear they've showed up make sure and get some orange plugs in the water, they can't resist them. The other fish that's not been holding up their end of the deal is the steelhead. Historically September is a great time to fish deep water and find them high in the water column fattening up for the winter ahead. The last two years haven't been very good for them so they're over due for a visit. Immature kings in the 5 - 10 lb class have been scarce all year in my cooler, and I haven't heard of many being taken, but they too will be looking for schools of bait to gorge on before the cool weather settles in. With a little luck Grand Haven will be on their short list of places to visit before the white stuff flies.

Keep your fingers crossed that the salmon, like the steelhead this summer, just decided to delay their visit to our rivers. One thing is for certain though, if you don't go fishing you won't catch any fish! Take advantage of the remaining nice days and enjoy another sunrise or sunset on the big pond.

Good luck!


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