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If you've held off going fishing until the big kings show up in good numbers, now is the time to go!. For better than a week now schools of mature kings have been moving through the area and a number of kings over 25lbs have been taken to the scales. If you're an early riser you'll want to make sure you have your favorite glow spoons charged up and ready to go as they've been good before the sun pops up. Flounder Pounders, Mongolian Beef, Dancing Anchovies and the Bloody Nose Dalmatian patterns have all been good on Moonshine spoons lately. My personal favorite is still the Blue Crab, a simple looking standard sized Dreamweaver that never lets me down. I have been running plugs on at least one copper line each trip but so far the fish haven't been impressed with my selection, I haven't heard of much activity on plugs from others either but they'll warm up to them soon enough. In addition to your spoons you'll want to have your meat rigs on. The kings are showing they have no interest in a vegan diet this past week as the majority of the fish, especially after the sun comes up, have come on a number of different meat set ups. Most of my success has been with 10" Spin Dr.s in the Kevin's Girlfriend, Pink Dots Coho and White Fish Scale UV patterns. I like the Green Mile, UV on Ice and a pink UV rig. I've had success fishing meat on riggers, 300' to 450' coppers and behind braid and wire divers this past week.

Lake trout continue to be a reliable source of action. Recently I have had more luck when running my favorite rigs about 10 - 15' off bottom and about 10 - 15' behind the ball than keeping them tight and in the sand. 8" White paddles with crushed UV tape with a Whirly Gig or Spin'N'Glo with glow tape on the wings has been really good on dark days and a steady producer every day regardless of weather. The 8" Yellow Bikini Bottom Paddle with a chrome and yellow spotted Whirly Gig has been a steady producer for me as well and because I like saying I'm catching fish on a yellow bikini bottom I keep running it. It sounds better than catching them on the Trash Can but it's been working too.

Location is always part of the equation. Check the Port Sheldon and Muskegon buoy's to get an ide of where the temp brakes are and if you're setting up in the dark you'll want to start in the depth where the thermo hits the bottom and work out slowly. For those of us that put a higher value on sleep a solid plan is to start around 80 FOW and work out to about 140 FOW or until you find the fish. The currents and winds over the last week have moved the fish around daily but they've been in that depth range almost every day for the past two months. An added note about that current, make note of the direction the boats waving nets are travelling and match it! Figuring out direction and speed to properly present your baits have been tricky challenges lately. I still rely on the bend in my diver rods to let me know how my speed is even when everything else says I'm going too fast or slow. My brain couldn't accept what I was seeing one morning last week and I had several slow hours until it dawned on me that what I was doing wasn't working and finally put my faith back where it belonged and it worked. It was ugly, but it worked.

Pier fishing on our crowded piers has been spotty as the water has been quite warm this past week. I have seen some nice bass, some catfish and a number of drum caught but that's it recently. Checking the buoy regularly for water temps and current directions will help indicate which days to go. If the water cools and the fish move in live alewives are the bait of choice. If after casting out you find you're using a yellow bikini bottom for bait things are about to get really interesting, get ready to run for your life!

Enjoy the rest of Coast Guard Festival and go fishing!



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