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The weather has been all over lately with hot and cool days but overall the fishing has remained very good for this time of year. Double digit catches that include a healthy dose of lake trout with a few salmon and steelhead mixed in are fairly common with more salmon and steelhead being caught on morning trips. Kings up to 27 lbs have been caught in the past week and that's creating a lot of speculation about how many big kings over 30 lbs will be caught over the next couple of months. The fishing from the end of July and during the month of August are likely to generate some pretty exciting stories!

The cold water that arrived after Tuesdays blow seemed to scatter some of the smaller trout and catch numbers dipped a little but size increased. The 110 - 140 FOW range has continued to be the most active area to fish but fish have been taken from 70 - 190 FOW. Most of the trout continue to come from the bottom 20 foot of the water column, the steelhead are mostly being taken from offerings in the 30 - 60 foot range and kings have been found throughout that range. White with UV Crush tape on an 8" Dreamweaver Paddle with what was once a shiny chrome Whirly Gig, but is now a chewed up mess of chrome and white plastic, has been the hot ticket on my center downrigger for 3 weeks. I've been running this combo about 5' behind the ball on calm days and 10' - 15' on bouncier days. The conditions have not made much of a difference as it's been equally as productive on sunny days as it has been during cloudy periods. The 8" Yellow Bikini Bottom Paddle with a chrome and yellow spotted Whirly Gig has been another go to bait on a wire diver fished suspended about 10 to 15' off of bottom. This rig has been good for both kings and trout. My leader length from the paddle to the Whirly Gig is about 20 inches on my center rigger and 45 inches on the wire diver set up. I've had days where the fish have favored one over the other but generally they both create a fair amount of action.

Copper lines have had some pretty good days recently as well. My most consistent has been a 325 with the Gold Watermelon Stinger blade. Right behind that has been a 270 with a Stingray UV Michigan Dolphin and up high on a 150 copper the Capt Gary Dreamweaver has taken a number of kings and Steelhead. Another pattern that has worked well on my higher coppers has been the Wrecking Ball in both the SuperSlim and standard sized Dreamweaver spoons. Jager Bombs, NBK's and UV Mixed Veggies have all taken fish for me recently too. Meat rigs have worked sporadically but I haven't heard of anyone consistently taking fish on them yet. Warmer water creating a deeper thermo, in my experience, would help.

Pier fisherman have not had the success that one would suspect lately given the water temps and time of the year. My personal theory is that someone sent an email to the Skamania strain of steelhead and explained just how much it would cost to raise several thousand kids so they're boycotting the spawning run this summer. We've been finding fair numbers offshore and they seem to be pretty content to stay there. Getting them to accept a boat ride up the river as our guest has not even been possible without a pretty spirited battle. I haven't heard if this is the case up and down the coast but I suspect the cold weather we had in April may have as much to do with their late arrival as the eye opening email they received but only time will tell.

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Fishing Reports

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