Fishing Reports

Well now that the tournament is over the fishing has improved! Good numbers of nice sized lake trout are holding near bottom in the 80 - 120 FOW depths and kings are following bait in as close as the cold water will let them. An added bonus this year is that some nice steelhead are showing up although they're not concentrated around slicks as much as we'd like them to be.

If you're looking for some great eating the trout are actively hitting small and large Spin Dr.'s and Paddles with Whirly Gigs and Spin'N'Glo's behind them fished near bottom. My best combo has been a chrome attractor with crushed UV tape and yellow spots and chrome Whirly with the same spots. On calmer days I like to fish it within 10' of the ball and I drop it back 5-15' on rougher days. My best speed has been between 2.3 and 2.7 MPH SOG. Something to keep in mind is that the water is warming and changing fast right now. Currents will often dictate the best troll direction so if you're seeing fish but action is slow, change your direction! I fished for less than 2 hours the other night and while everything looked good on my north troll at 2.3 to 2.5 mph we never had a bite until turning back around to the south. Without touching the throttle on a completely calm night my SOG increased to 2.7 mhp and we hit 8 fish in the next half hour. Some of the trout are quite small too so if things are slow check your lines to make sure you're not taking a little guy for a ride.

The kings inside have been from 30' down to the bottom and have hit any number of different spoons. Capt Gary, Hello Darlin, Fireball, UV Mixed Veggie and Green Jeans have all been great patterns depending on the sky conditions. Most of the action inside has been on Super slim sized Dreamweavers while fish in deeper water seem to be more inclined to go after the mag versions of the same patterns. If getting away from the crowd is part of your plan I'd suggest starting in at least 170 FOW and angling out to well over 250 until you find fish. Big steelhead are also floating around in all depths so keep some bright orange baits riding a little higher up and you may be able to add a fish or two to your cooler. Coho are getting a little harder to find as is normal in June but they too will be happy to grab something above the target range for kings. Recently the 40 to 80 foot down depths have been productive out in the deeper water. don't hesitate to send something way down if you're marking near bottom. Big kings are still being taken near bottom out deep as they're still searching for mature, spawning sized alewives.

For those staying a little closer to home the panfishing has been very good but you'll have to do a little sorting to go home with a heavy stringer. Deeper water around pilings and docks are producing nice catches of bluegill especially on light tackle early in the morning. Tear drops tipped with a wax worm are hard to beat on calm morning in any of the local bayous.

In any case the weather has finally turned, again, and it looks like summer may stick around. Get out and enjoy it while you can, the fish are waiting for you!

Good luck,


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