Fishing Reports

Spring has finally arrived and so have the kings! The fishing heated up even faster than the air with limit catches made up of king and coho salmon this week. Each day has been a little different as the fish continue to move but starting out your morning in 80 FOW and working out until your arms are tired seems to be a pretty good plan each morning. You'll find fish throughout the water column but if you have baits in the top 30 feet you'll want to make them bigger baits like the standard size Dreamweaver spoons as there is sizeable population of 10 - 13" king salmon up there feeding on anything shorter than they are. I have had good success on nice coho and big kings on a 75' copper rig with a UV Dreamweaver Wrecking Ball this week. That same pattern on both silver and gold Super Slim blades have been excellent on braided line divers fished 150 - 175' back. Coppers from 150 - 300' long have all been producing this week but the bite has been good enough on down riggers that if you don't feel like doing a lot of reeling you're in luck, you can leave those rigs in the rod rack.

The fly bite has been picking up all week as many of the bigger salmon have moved deeper and riggers fished from 60 - 120' and combos paired with the weather have been very productive. The 11" White Paddle has been a steady producer with the Poofster, Illusion and Oceana flies being the most consistent but fog and rain have meant that you'll want to have the Blue Bubble, Pickled Sunshine and other glow flies handy. We've been running our combos about 30' behind the ball and focusing on a trolling speed in the 2.4 - 2.7 mph range (SOG). Spoons are also taking their fair share of fish. It's been hard to beat the Blue and Green Jean patterns in low light with the Jager Bomb (gold and silver), Flea For All, Ali Gator, NBK and Capt. Gary patterns picking away at fish during the rest of the day. As I mentioned earlier we've been running the larger versions of most of these spoons to try and limit the number of small kings we catch but fishing deeper seems to be having the same effect.

If you're heading out during the late afternoon, the fishing is good but it hasn't been quite as fast the morning. Expect to head out further to find active fish as it seems like the fish inside are asleep on the couch after a thanksgiving meal. You'll still find some nice kings out in water over 200 feet deep but you'll also find a few more coho. I personally don't mind this as coho are delicious but if you're looking for a bruiser, kings up to 29 lbs have been reported over the last couple weeks, they seem to be hanging a little closer to shore. Don't shy away from dragging some large plugs to try and target a trophy but don't be surprised if a 3 lb coho winds up eating that too.

Good luck and get out there! As they say "It don't get no better than this!".

P.S. The bluegill are biting too!



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