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Hello! I hope everyone is enjoying our beautiful early spring weather that's included plenty of white flakes of sunshine and put a mirrored surface on the water that looks strangely like ice. If you do happen to be lucky enough to see ripples on the water there are a few fish in the area that have thawed out enough to want to eat (My son did test the paint job on his Lund a week ago, it passed, as we played ice breaker for other, less committed fisherman that morning). I've fished Port Sheldon each of the last 3 Saturdays and have had just enough action to look forward to the next opportunity. Brown trout and lake trout have been the species we've found and they've shown a predictable preference for baits with orange on them. It's a good thing too as every bait I've put out so far had orange on it. Body baits like Bombers, Reef Runners, Hot'N'Tots and Willies Worm's have all taken shots and I had two hits on an Alfonze Jr. behind a 2 color lead core this past weekend.

Location has been in 12-20 FOW and from in the channel to a mile south of the channel and as much as a half mile north of the bubbler. This past Saturday I was in my kayak so I focused on the area around the bubbler because I'm too old to go much farther than that. I did notice that there was a fair concentration of boats by me early but boats scattered in all directions after an hour or so. I didn't see much activity beyond guys pointing and laughing at the idiot in the kayak trying to paddle and set a lead core at the same time.

Reports from the St. Joe area have convinced me to stay local for the time being. The water was reportedly quite stained and fishing was slow this past weekend although I did hear one report of a guy catching 3 coho. As I had 1 lake trout and 2 browns bite during my 3 hour kayak tour I figure I'll hold off making the drive. For what it's worth the 2 browns, both about 16 - 18" long, are still swimming somewhere near the bubbler as reeling, paddling and netting proved to be too much of a challenge for me this past Saturday as I'd forgotten some of the technique I used to use until it was too late.

I haven't heard anything about action on the piers here in GH and a friend has fished out of Muskegon a couple times lately with no success. The cluster of boats off the Bilmar suggests that the spring perch fishing has started so if it's flat and you enjoy ice fishing you should have a grand old time if you get out there with a bucket of minnows and dress like an Eskimo.

Hope to see you on the pond soon!


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