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Hello everyone,

Amanda's report pretty well sums up what's been happening on the piers lately. I spoke with a couple of guys that fished both the Grand Haven and Muskegon piers this last weekend and neither one had much to report as fishing was slow. The good news is that with some sun and warm rain in the forecast things should pick up and at least make it all the way to "fair" fishing. We need some South winds to really make things happen and I don't see much of that in the forecast yet but the warm up will help. At the very least it will be much more comfortable sitting on the pier or in your boat staring at the sun instead of more of that white stuff falling from the sky.

There have been some fair reports from the bayous in regards to blue gills and perch. Try the 5-10' depth range with tear drops (yellow and orange have been good) and wax worms under a bobber  for gills and minnows around the bridges in Spring Lake for perch. Light tackle will improve your catch so go as light as you can. I haven't heard anymore from Muskegon Lake but I'd be willing to bet it's worth the effort if you've got a small boat and a couple of hours to kill chasing perch. Look for the boats, get fairly close and do a little watching for activity before you toss anchor. It's also that time of year when I hear about lots of walleye being caught from the piers and boats during the late evening hours. Actually it's a few weeks early as I usually hear about how great it "was", not "is".

At this time the water is very low in the Grand around Grand Haven. This usually makes for some difficult river fishing but the fish don't have much of a choice anymore and will be moving in good number towards traditional spawning areas. Look for more remote areas to fish as pressure and low water will make catching fish more difficult. That's easier said than done but a little extra effort will frequently pay off while chasing any fish in the river.

I'm headed to Florida for a week to where the water is already warm and the fish are biting and I hope to hear about some great fishing here when I get back. 

Remember, it's April and you need a new fishing license. Also, if you have an older, trailerable boat investigate the new 15% ethanol fuel mixtures that are going to be at the pumps on the road. The new fuel mix could cause a lot of problems for those that haven't taken the time determine whether or not it will work in your engine. Google it, call your favorite mechanic or your engine manufacturer for more info.

Have a great week and good luck,

Matt Whitney




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