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Welcome to the frozen North! Ok, it's not that bad but this cold water just won't let up. Fishing has been as varied as the locations you can go to look for them as kings, steelhead and lake trout can be taken from our shoreline to Milwaukee right now. Surface temps in the 40's have kept most of the action in shallow water up near the surface with a deep strike being anything more than 15' down. Plugs like the Pearl/Black Dot Tomic, Yellow Lightning and other glow patterns have all worked in the last couple days. Spoons are taking some fish too with the Smashmouth, Fireball and Capt. Gary all picking away at these frozen critters. Run your baits back 50 - 100' behind the ball on your riggers and use plenty of 1, 2 and 3 color lead cores. Flat lines with a quarter ounce would be a good choice too for those that don't want to mess with such short lead cores. Divers have been effective set from 25 - 50' back with white paddles and green flies. If you prefer to get away from the fray head out to about 60 FOW and spread your gear from the surface to the bottom. Bright spoons on short cores, Blue Dolphins and similar spoons on your outdowns and a Trash Can down the chute riding within a few feet of bottom. For longer cores, coppers and divers you'll want to run some meat rigs and your favorite Spinny and fly combos. On overcast days the fish seem to be leaning towards Spin Dr.'s that have chrome on one side on either the clear blue or Mt. Dew colored blade. Play with your leader lengths between the attractor and fly as the fish have been picky and of course they don't like the same length two days in a row (Note to self, bring large spool of leader line for this exercise). As you continue to go west you'll encounter some slicks that look so good you'll think you've hit the jack pot but be patient. I'm sure one of these has some magic in it but for the most part they just been psychologically helpful. Watch your speed closely and keep a close eye on your lines as you move through the slicks as the currents around them have been pretty nasty at times. A half hour ago the Muskegon buoy was showing a .3 mph NW current at the surface while the sensor a few feet below it was showing a .2 mph SE current. Another neat feature of these slicks is the abundant sea fleas that you'll find in some of the areas in between the slicks. If you notice your diver line angle raising it's probably time to clear your braided line of fleas.

The good news to take away from my report is that there are some really nice kings in the area with more than a few in the upper teens showing up. Additionally the cold water has supercharged these beasts so you'd better limber up before you head out. I've seen more backing line and nearly empty spools on the last few trips than I have in a while. The other good news is that with the fish spread out you don't have to try and duke it out with anyone over a spot. If you're trying to fish in front and you do battle with the dredge you're going to lose big anyway. The cold water is obviously a bonus for the guys on pier too as the cool water has drawn some bait into the channel and decent numbers of fish with them. I've even heard of a few perch being caught. With the air temps headed up this weekend that could be a great place to be for any number of reasons.

It looks like at least the first half of the weekend is going to offer some great weather for fishing so put the mower away and head west! Monday is only a few days away.

Good luck,





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