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Hello again,

Fishing is definitely improving this week as the water has warmed up rather dramatically. A quick check of the buoy in Port Sheldon shows the bottom has warmed up over 12 degrees in the last 5 days and the fishing has warmed up with it. The biggest challenge with the temp changing so fast is figuring out how to keep up with the fish. A good plan of attack right now seems to be setting up between 80 and 100 ft and working out on a 240 degree course. The course could change anytime with change in current but it's worked well twice in a row so I'm starting out with it as I'm ready for anything that feels like a pattern. My SOG has been 2.4 - 2.7 mph. Great slicks were forming and holding fish from 200 - 280 FOW. Get ready to set plenty of gear out as there are good numbers of kings, steelhead, lake trout and even an occasional coho showing up and they each seem to want to avoid swimming next to the other species. The steelhead and coho have been steadily hitting everything in the top 40 with 4 to 7 color lead cores and coppers to 150' in length producing steadily. Hi Dipsies set from 70 - 100' back have produced well too. Go with your favorite bright baits but for me the Fireball, Kevorkian Coyote, Mac and Cheese and Dreamsicle Glow have been solid choices up high. Super Slims, std sized Stingers and std Dreamweaver spoons have all been good. After the early bite and before the late bite the kings have pretty much hung out and fed in the 40 - 80 foot range. If you want to focus on kings you'll probably do best by staying inside of 150' of water but that information is a couple hours old and just like last year it's only accurate until you pull lines. The kings have preferred the expensive stuff as meat rigs on mag divers rigged on braid or wire have both been effective. For attractors the Fat Nancy, White double slick, fish scale and UV tapes have all taken fish but the fog, rain, sun and wind in various combinations have made it hard to nail down a "go to" pattern so don't be afraid to change it up if nothing is happening. I like to keep a couple favorites in the water and pick one to experiment with and change it up if I'm seeing fish but not hitting. Magnum Dreamweaver spoons in Capt Gary, Modified Blue and Green Dolphins, Ally Gator and Ally Cat patterns are worth running too as they match the look of the mature alewives in the area. Lake trout have been mixed in all depths but they seem to be returning to some traditional areas and liking the slow troll near bottom in 80-120 FOW with Trash Cans and either P'nuts or Spin-N-Glo's painted yellow/orange or green/yellow. 

The weather has also kicked the inland fishing into high gear as the blue gills are now rushing into shallow water to enjoy the warm temps and get romantic with each other. Limit catches of decent fish are being taken on all the local bayous and in shallow areas at some of the marina's. Pick your favorite way to fish and it's working right now. If it cools off go to light line, wax worms and tear drops and fish in the sunniest, calmest area on the water you can find.

This current spell of warm weather is about to take a small shot in the back side as strong north winds followed by easterly winds over the weekend will move the fish around a bit but I'm hoping the overall effect is to stretch out the good fishing for another week or so by stalling the switch to summer. I have 10 trips in 8 days starting this Saturday so I'm hoping the fish like my take on the forecast and stick to it. Given my luck at predicting so far this spring you may want to golf for the next week but who knows, my wife says I'll get it right someday and this might just be the day!

Good luck and I hope to see you on the water this week!




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