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Many of you have probably been fishing already and were able to take advantage of the steelhead that hadn't moved into the river yet and the good numbers of browns that have been in the area this spring. Other than a successful couple of hours on the lake in my kayak back in early April when I caught a couple steelhead, it's been a busy spring for me. This past Saturday though we kicked off our season with our first trip and it was reasonably good considering the up and down weather we've had lately. I spent most of the morning in 35 - 60' of water where the water was stained and the surface temp ranged from 53 - 57 degrees. We took 4 nice kings that each measured 32" and lost another one of the same size. These kings came on 5 color lead cores and at 25' down on a rigger. The baits they picked were the rainbow trout colored smooth Stinger, the Blue Whale Dreamweaver and a Hello Darlin super slim. The blue/pink combo's combined for 6 of our 10 bites. As you'd expect orange combos did the rest with the Rodman, Alphonze and the Educator hitting the other fish. 3 of our 10 hits were young kings around 1' long but decent fish made up most of our action and that was pretty true with the other boats I spoke to as well. Our action was spread out through the morning with a double while we were setting lines early and our last fish came around 11:30. Several guys noted that there best action took place later in the morning so if you're not quite ready for the early mornings there's hope for your fish dinner anyway. I didn't see much on the graph either Saturday or on a short trip Sunday morning and baitfish were definitely scarce but that will hopefully change as the weather turns a little more seasonable later this week. One boat wandered out a couple miles on Sunday and found a strong temp break of almost 10 degrees on the surface around 100' of water that should start holding fish too so if it's not too exciting on your next trip it may be worth a short trip out. Be careful if you venture out to the break though as it sounds like there's a pretty good obstacle course made up of various sized logs floating in the area.

I did see a few guys on the pier but the extension handles on the nets were still collapsed so I don't think much was happening. I'm pretty sure one guy was sleeping standing up but as cold and rainy as it was he may have been frozen in place. There were perch fisherman working around the holes too but they looked only slightly more excited than the pier fisherman I saw.

Before the arrival of this last polar arctic clipper vortex thing the guys playing around in the lower Grand and on the bayous were having a blast catch and release fishing for largemouth. A good friend of mine and his young son landed nearly 50 fish in a couple hours with the largest ones pushing 4 lbs. Silver and gold Rapala's fished either by twitching them on the surface or retrieving brought some exciting attacks. Remember when fishing these pre spawn fish that pinching barbs to minimize the handling required to release these fish will greatly reduce the stress they experience. It also makes it easier to remove the hook of a crank bait from your hand after an excited bucket mouth with a crank bait in his jaw violently shakes it's body and shares the stress with you.

Good luck and I'll see you on the pond!




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