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If you happen to see my wife around town, tell her I was right! The fact that it was about the run (I predicted it would happen now) and nothing that she cares about doesn't matter, I just want it to go on record that it happened. Adult kings and cohos showed up around the pier head this morning and fish were caught all the way up to the power plant by shore and boat anglers. My son fished from a small boat with a friend this morning, catching their limit, and his best rig was a white Paddle with a purple beaded Mirage fly behind a Dipsy set 30' behind the boat. Pearl and black dot Tomics and the Fuzzy Bear Educator spoon were also beat up by the angry fish. As is usual for Grand Haven the fishing was sporadic and not everyone was as fortunate as my son and his friend but a couple surprises showed up as at least one walleye and a sturgeon were caught by other boats. If you plan on fishing tomorrow make sure that you strap your bumpers on tightly and take an extra dose of whatever keeps you calm as there will be a crowd in the channel with the annual Salmon Festival tournament going on. It's a festival and is derived from the word "festive". Please try to do your part to keep it that way for everyone and remember that with the sunshine forecast for tomorrow there will be plenty of young ears wandering around the waterfront hoping to see big fish. Please don't introduce them to language that their pre-school teacher will have to hear on Monday morning as the kids try to tell classmates about what they did over the weekend.

If you want to avoid the crowd go west. The currents are doing some neat things today so I have no idea how far you should go but I'd start fishing when you see some mid 60 degree surface temps show up on your thermometer. Cold water won't likely be too far down so have plenty of lead core and short copper rods ready to go with spoons sporting some orange on them. The steelhead that have been around every time this has happened will likely be in the area and should be able to offer you an enjoyable alternative to the confusion in front of the channel. If you're fishing the tournament I should also let you know that the last cooler I saw with multiple 20 lb fish in it (last Tuesday) came from deep water and the fish were still quite silver. Tournament fisherman looking for a big one away from the crowds should probably have a few packages of meat on board and work areas where the warm water stretches further down and schools of bait occasionally dot your graph. Many kings are watching the calendar and know it's time to go but more than a few are likely still eating and growing due to the cold summer.

For those of you that are interested in perch...I am too. Unfortunately all I have for you is that the last time I didn't have a charter and these conditions were present in September I caught a bunch of nice perch inside the channel on minnows and chunks of alewives while the guys around me fished for kings. With a three rod limit I'd make sure to have something about 10' off the channel wall set to catch a top notch dinner.

After the winds we've had this week, and the big temperature swings, all types of fishing have been affected one way or another but one thing is for sure, winter is coming (maybe another long one) so don't waste a chance to get out one more time before you need an auger to get started.

Best of luck to everyone this weekend,




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