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For those of you that thrive on challenges and wandering into the great unknown, fishing out of Grand Haven is just the thing to make you happy. Every time I leave the dock, and that's been twice a day nearly every day lately, it feels like someone took a giant eraser and removed everything that was out there from the previous trip. In the last four days I've fished from 60 - 260 fow. It's a wonderful time for those of us that suffer from short term memory loss (C.R.S. as my wife puts it) as recent information is no longer important. One look at the Muskegon buoy showing current directions and speeds gives you a pretty good indicator as to why that is as right now there's a surface current going .41 mph to the north and at 60' down the current is traveling .32 mph to the southwest. That takes some strong math skills to figure out the proper trolling speed and direction to keep your high divers and short lead cores working without taking your deep rods out of the game. I lack those skills so I go with luck. If you figure it out, don't go far because the current changes as you move in or slide out to deeper water. The good news is that there are some really nice fish in the area and better days are seeing some double digit catches. Steelhead to 15 lbs and kings up to 23 lbs have been showing up in catches at our dock. The most consistent producers for us have been the Alfonze Jr. and gold Orange Crush Stingers on 1 - 3 color lead cores, a gold Watermelon Stinger on a high diver from 60 - 80' back, 150 coppers with a Jaw Breaker or Fire Ball Super Slim and the White/Fish Scale Paddle with an Illusion Fly on the center downrigger fished from 60 - 100' down depending on the time of day and where we're fishing. Meat rigs have been working fairly well on 300' coppers and low divers fished from 80 - 250' back (pin pointed that one right down didn't I?!!!) Pearl / Black Dot Tomics in the number 3 and 4 sizes were working well over the weekend out deep, 210 - 260 fow, but fizzled out for me as the fish moved back in. My favorite glow spoons and plugs have pretty much gone untouched lately too. 

Pier fishing has slowed down but with plenty of steelhead hanging around in the 40 -70' depths right now, the next few days of north and easterly winds should help things out. Current is the wild card that will most greatly affect you but keep an eye on the people at the beach. If the only people in the water are under 10 yrs old, grab your fishing gear and some shrimp and get out there. Perch should hopefully return by the weekend too and while they might not make it to the pier, small boat anglers should find some success perch fishing in and around the mud line in 30 - 40 fow. Minnows worked well for my son this past week when the perch were visiting our port.

I have one more thing for you to consider. Twice in the last 3 weeks, after slow morning trips, I've gone to the fuel dock (unfortunately I've been there more than twice lately) and filled up. Both days I took my wife, at least one of my daughters and our two new lab pups. Both days were sunny, warm and mirror flat on the lake so we brought the "zero gravity" loungers everyone likes (3 of these completely fill my back deck when occupied). Anyway, with no room on the back deck, a maximum of 6 rods, a top speed of 7mph to race to the hot spot during the optimum hours of 5 - 6:30 pm, I have fished a total of 1 hour and 20 minutes and we're 6 for 9. The answer is obviously the loungers. Should you choose to try this somewhat unorthodox method I recommend the extended warranty on the chair and a good pair of shin guards.

Good luck and I'll see you on the water (unless my chair flips over),




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