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Sorry for the silence this season. I'm not sure how much help I would have been though as every day has been a little like Christmas for a kid. You wake up full of excitement, rush out to get started, find a package with your name on it but don't know until you open it whether it's the gift you hoped for or mom was playing a trick on you and wrapped up a years' worth of new underwear and socks! I'd like to tell you that's improved but it's still a guessing game so here's a little info that may help you get what you hoped for.

After the rain and wind this week, a few boats have been out and found fish stretched out from 120 - 240 FOW. The fish have hit from as high as 90' back on high divers to as deep as 100' on riggers. Most of the fish are still coming on long lines but the warmer water has favored coppers of 100 - 350' in length. Spoons continue to top the list of best baits. For your higher rigs use silver/orange and gold/orange combos and toss in a gold watermelon Stinger or Bumble Bee pattern Stinger or Super Slim. In the middle zones, toss in plenty of Mixed Veggies, UV if the sun is out, and as you go deeper Hello Darlin and Blue Dolphins have been good bets. Last weekend we were hitting pretty steady on 5 - 10 color lead cores with Stingray sized Stingers in the Tutti Fruity (neither I nor spell check has a clue on that one), Mixed Veggie and Orange/Green edge patterns so it may be worth sending out a larger bait or two this weekend. The other successful tactic I've used is speeding up when nothing is happening. I was trying to cover some water last week at 3.7 mph and hit 2 in 10 minutes after a dry hour. I may not be too sharp but I noticed this and kept the speed up and in the last two hours of our trip we hit 13 more fish and while we only caught a little more than half of those last bites, the strikes were dramatic! By the way if you have any old Pro Kings in the Bumble Bee pattern, I strongly suggest putting one on a high diver. It's been money in the bank all season. Meat rigs and other Spinny/Fly combos have taken a few fish but nothing consistent with either the success rate or the pattern lately. If it ever really warms up that should change but for now I wouldn't pull over 1 or 2 at a time. A 450 copper straight off the back is a good place for those right now. The catch lately has been a mix of kings and steelhead in a wide range of sizes so keep a close eye on long lines and check them every half hour or so in case a little guy grabs on. This is an excellent reason to take a youngster fishing with you as they never tire of reeling long lines in to check them. All of my kids look at me suspiciously when I tell them I think we might be dragging one on a board. It's like the surprise at Christmas all over again...

Unfortunately I'm a little late on the walleye bite info. It was good 2 weeks ago but that's all I know. With this rain I'd give it a few days until the water starts to drop before I'd try again. Catfish were jumping all over peel and eat shrimp the week before the walleye bite. Fish up to 14 lbs were commonly being caught by the kids at the marina. I was commonly caught eating their bait. Blue gill fishing is pretty good around the marina right now too so I suspect the bayous should be getting good and this rain shouldn't slow things down too much. Head out as soon as you can for a shot at some nice fish with wax worms under a bobber or a popper on a fly rod or behind a casting bobber for those of us that lack the proper coordination.

A final note before you head out this weekend. After all this rain keep a sharp lookout for logs, trees, docks or small houses that have been washed out into the lake. The areas around the edge of the stained water will hold bait and fish but there will also be a few nasty surprises in these areas so be careful.

Good luck this weekend and we'll see you out on the pond!







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