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Are you ready for some fishing? Hope so because the Salmon Festival is this weekend! I'd love to share some hot secrets with you right now but I'm all out. The weather is going to even the playing field tomorrow as the dramatic change in water temperatures over the last 36 hours will change everything (hopefully as it's been really slow) and we'll all have to start the learning process again in the morning. For those of you wanting to fish the channel mouth for a big king to enter into the contest, the cold weather was perfectly timed and the slight amount of rain we received probably did not trigger much of a run. When the fish have been in front over the past few weeks, chrome #3 J-plugs in the Grinch, Red Head, Mongoose and Metallica Man patterns have been at the top of the go-to list. Run them as far back as you can using boat density as a limiting factor. If space allows and you are either bored or have kids that just want to catch something, run a high line with a small plug off of a Yellow Bird Planer and fish it tight to the channel wall. Largemouth up to 5-1/2 lbs were caught by some of the guys looking to keep their customers occupied as the last decent run started to fizzle out. For those wanting to escape the crowds I'd recommend setting up a little north or south of the pier and head in your favorite westerly direction. Remember the water will warm as you move out but that won't push the steelhead too far down. Boats have stretched out as far as 350' fow the last week or so and while the 200 - 220' range has produced a few fish, no one location has been consistently productive. Fish a lot of orange from the surface down to 50' as the fish out deep have been mainly steelhead, and fish blues and greens from there to the end of your downrigger cable spool. A Trash Can and P-nut are a good choice for the deepest rig and I'd hang a little meat out on a wire diver to cover all the bases.  

Pier fisherman will get a good crack at the fish this weekend, both salmon and steelhead, and the cool water may even bring some perch back in. If you're headed to the pier, bring gear for both species and you'll likely find something to fish for.  

Mother Nature is offering us a nice Saturday to get out and enjoy the lake in September so don't miss it! With a little luck the fish will show up and make it a banner day for everyone!

Good luck everyone, see you on the water!



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