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Hello fellow watchers of the drying paint,

The fish have arrived! The painfully slow fishing that has plagued us the last few weeks causing sales of Tums, Rolaids and medicinal beverages to charter captains to skyrocket seems to be behind us. We actually had a triple this morning that only a week ago would have equaled a days worth of hits! The warm weather this past week, the first sustained period of warm weather so far this summer, finally pushed the fish north and Grand Haven is a great place to be right now! Big kings, cohos, steelhead and the occasional lake trout can all be found in waters from 80 - 150 feet in depth. Most of the action is taking place from 30 to 70 feet down in these waters with downriggers, high divers, wire divers, copper, and lead core presentations, all set to get your bait in these ranges, working equally well. This morning a 7 color lead core with a Stinger in the Orange Killer pattern was our most productive combo taking 4 nice steelhead all by itself. Other multiple fish killers were the Stinger UV Michigan Dolphin on a high diver (braid with the keel set on 3) set 130 ft back, the Mac and Cheese Super Slim at 50 ft on a rigger and the Super Slim Hello Darlin' in various locations. When the skies are overcast make sure to have an 8" White with Mt. Dew tape Spin Dr. with a Pickled Sunshine fly behind it in the water. This set up on a wire diver pulled 135' back helped me take a limit for a nice couple the other day in just over 2 hrs! Meat is working well on wire diver rigs also and worth the effort as it's taking most of the bigger kings. A couple other baits to keep handy are the Dreamweaver Alley Cat in both standard and Magnum sizes, Orange Crush Stinger and Super Slim spoons, Modified Blue Dolphins and when the fish move deeper chase them with the big white 10" Paddle trailing a Pickled Sunshine or Oceana fly. Deeper is not likely to be much of an issue with the hard north wind blowing at the moment, especially with several more days of north and east winds in the forecast, but the heat will be back this weekend. For the next couple of days keep a close eye on the buoy temperature sensors at both Muskegon and Port Sheldon and modify your spread accordingly. My guess right now is that these winds will keep the fish bouncing north and south of us for at least the next week so there should be plenty of fish around for a while. Kings up to 23 lbs have been taken over the last 5 days and, as one of our fish this morning was a 17 lb male that was already quite dark indicated, schools of big kings heading north to their home streams should be passing through offering opportunities for a great battle and an opportunity to change the standings on the yearlong contest board pretty regularly!

Pier anglers should be receiving another gift from the wind this week as water temps should again drop enough to bring big steelhead back within their reach. Perch could actually return in decent numbers too so make sure and fish a rod with young alewives to take advantage of the opportunity. Before the water warmed up too much this weekend a number of decent to jumbo sized perch were caught by steelhead fisherman using alewives. I personally witnessed a bucket of 20 perch being cleaned at Grand Isle last Saturday so I can no longer view perch and Sasquatch sighting rumors with the same skepticism. Full disclosure though, I did have a couple beers before I saw this event...

I had a first hand look at the local bayous the other day as my eldest son took me bass fishing and attempted to teach me how to fish the wacky worm. It was incredibly relaxing as I rarely had to deal with a fish but my son stayed pretty busy. I practiced catching docks, dock lines, swim rafts and boat hoists which are much more difficult to catch than the ravenous 10 - 15 inch largemouth that Alex picked on. I didn't leave any hooks, line, rubber worms or marks behind to indicate that I'd been in the area. Alex was too busy operating the trolling motor to record my skills so you'll just have to accept my word as proof that I still have "it".

Good luck,



paul stockbridge
# paul stockbridge
Monday, July 15, 2013 10:30 AM
Thanks for the info, us inlanders who trailer our boats need all the help we can get to find the fish, this gives me a place to start. thanks again!
boat JOE BLING Portland MI

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