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Hello again!

Fishing has been slow to fair on the lake this week but a couple of patterns have emerged. Early in the morning a few fish are being taken in the 80 - 120' depths with fish hitting in the top 50 on a variety of small spoons like the Dreamweaver Super Slim and standard stinger blades. Mac and Cheese, Rodman, Mixed Veggies and Michigan Dolphins have all worked. For a deep rod try a wire diver rig with meat fished within 10 feet of bottom. This set up has taken the bigger kings all week. At 8 am pull lines, get comfortable and nap until 10. Reset your lines and catch the majority of your fish by noon. A really smart guy would sleep in his own bed til 9 and then head out but most of us that fish a lot don't fit that description. For the noon bite be in 160 - 200 feet of water, have your hi and low divers set from 90 to 140 feet back and lean towards baits with some orange on them. The Alley Cat and Capt. Gary patterns have been good too. Coppers from 150 - 300' in length have been good producers and riggers set from 40 - 60 down have put a few in the box too. If waking up before noon doesn't appeal to you, we took 3 nice fish at 6:30 pm last night and only had lines in for 45 minutes. The next 2-1/2 hrs produced a grand total of 3 more hits with two coming around 9:30 while we were pulling. I suspect a brisk northwest breeze that bumped things up might have been part of the problem but that may also be their snack time before their late evening feed. If you're heading out late, stay until the sun is below the horizon so plan on being there until 10. 170' was the hot depth last night and all the hits came on the baits mentioned above.

It's been a really busy week for us and I'm afraid I don't have any inland report for you. The effort looks to have dropped off dramatically on the pier as the water is finally warming up so if you do give it a shot make sure to save some shrimp for dinner as steelhead fillets may be tough to come by. Keep an eye on the current though as it's spinning around like a top at the moment and could push some cool water back in with the help of the northerly winds in the forecast.

I plan to put my catfish line out this afternoon as I'll be dockside but it'll be the first attempt in a week. Last week I did learn something as one of the kids caught a 2" goby and I decided to use it for bait. It worked great and my son caught a 12 lb channel cat on my pole while I was busy trying to fix his reel. The new bait source is good to have as my wife is tired of watching her planned leftovers get used for other purposes.

Good luck and have a great weekend.



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