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Hello and Happy Father's Day!

Fishing on Lake Michigan is not bad for mid-June. It's actually about normal for this time of year but the lake trout have been hiding and salmon over 3 lbs have been in pretty short supply. Like I said, it's about normal for June. The good news though is that a few big kings are still around and one 18 lb fish was brought to the cleaning table this morning. If you're headed out to give it a try, start out around the outer edges of the stained river water and run plenty of bright colored baits. Orange crush, Jager Bombs, Kevorkian Coyote's, Orange Killers and similar colored baits from 20' down to bottom should produce a little action. As you move further out Hello Darlin's and other darker dolphin color combo baits have been working pretty well. Lead core has been pretty effective with 3 - 7 colors producing the best. Guys that have stuck to deeper water, 150 - 250 fow, have had less than half the action of boats fishing shallower but on average seem to be taking bigger fish. With all the small fish in the area be sure to check your lines fairly often as dragging small fish around will not improve your overall catch. Something to consider too, if you get into a school of young fish remember that our plant was cut by nearly 70% so seeing how many skippers you can catch is not that great of an idea, at least in my opinion. A good alternative would be to move away from the little guys, bring your baits up high and race (3 mph or more) around in the shallows as a few nice steelhead have been hanging around the piers this past week. If you want to save on gas, bring a bag of frozen shrimp, toss your anchor and rig up to float some shrimp around. Bring some cocktail sauce and it's a winner whether a steelhead bites or not.

Pier fishing has been slow but occasional steelhead are being taken on shrimp (see above). I've heard some of the perch rumors too but I can't confirm anything at this time. Either way, the pier is not a bad place to be on a warm, sunny afternoon.

For a "can't miss" fishing trip, go bluegill fishing! The bayous are loaded right now and a lot of nice sized fish have been taken. Wax worms, red worms and leaf worms are all good choices right now if you like live bait. Poppers and spiders should do well with the warm weather in the forecast and help sort out the little ones for you. The fish are aggressive and plentiful so if Father's Day is the day you get to take your youngster fishing without having to mow the lawn first, it'll be a great day!

Hot dogs, ham chunks from the leftover casserole, cut bait and worms are all on the menu for the catfish lately too and they're feasting heavily right now. The area in front of our slip is only 6 ft deep but the current has been steady and so has the action so if you need an activity to go along with napping and partaking of cold beverages, grab some leftovers from the graduation party and set your lines. Hint - if napping is high on the list I recommend the little bells you clamp to your fishing pole. With bells and a pair of sunglasses you can get away with almost unlimited relaxation. Snoring and sleeping with your mouth open can get you busted, you may also wind up in some mildly embarrassing photo's, but it's worth a shot!

Take advantage of the nice weather now that it's here and go fishing. Have a great weekend!



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