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What a weekend! Saturday saw catches that prevented some from being able to close their coolers and by Sunday evening the only reason to lift the lid of a cooler was to remove an ice cold beverage. The changing weather, full moon and any other good excuse you can think of all came into play as fishing success (and hot locations) was all over the map. Fish were in front of the channel mouth in good numbers Saturday morning as well as out in the 120 - 180 foot range. The hot bait for us inside was the Dreamweaver Kevorkian Coyote while Paddles and Flies did most of the work out deeper. Spoons with bright colors like the Stinger or Super Slim Jager Bomb worked well on higher downriggers and short lead cores out deep and Magnum Dreamweaver and Fuzzy Bear Modified Dolphins of every color combination worked well on deeper Coppers from 250' - 400' in length. Gold blades were pretty active with the overcast skies too. Sunday was considerably slower with very few fish inside and the deep water fish had scattered. Thanks to a hot tip from a friend we were fortunate to find some fish further out and our best success was from 190 - 240 feet of water. Dipsy Divers 85 - 100' back with orange and yellow color combos on silver blades were the most effective. The catch was mostly cohos and kings around 5 lbs but we did pick up an 18 lb king on a paddle down deep as we were pulling lines. When we returned to the same area 3 hours later it was a desert. Catches Monday morning were decent with fish scattered from the pier heads, quite a few 12" kings in shallow, and from 80 - 180 fow for those that were willing to bounce a bit.

That was the report, now for the forecast. My crystal ball suggests small fish will prevail in the shallow water as southerly winds warm things up. Reports of large schools of bait in shallow by Port Sheldon might provide an exception as that much food should keep a few big ones in the area. For those anglers searching for a meal, or tournament points, trout usually start to hang around the bottom in the 80 - 140 area at this time of the year and can usually be picked up on a Trash Can and P-Nut combo trolled slowly down deep. Wandering aimlessly, while keeping a close eye on the weather, in deep water out to 300' often serves up a mixed bag including a few steelhead as warmer waters arrive inside and bug hatches start to be more frequent out deep. Set as many rods as you legally can and focus on the top 40' with most of your gear and send a couple of your favorite paddle/fly combos down really deep (130 - 250') to hunt for a big one. Look for temperature breaks and slicks on the surface for hints to locations where you want to focus some extra attention. Try approaching these areas from multiple directions and speeds if nothing happens while following a good looking slick. 

Bayou fishing took a bit of a down turn this weekend according to the few bluegill fisherman I spoke with. Warm weather this week should help correct this situation but the forecasted rain and storms may make taking advantage of the warmer water temps difficult. All the earth worms washing into the water will offer stiff competition for your bait of choice too. I like to go big and look for the greedy ones when it gets like this and use a larger popper. Catching will be slower but you can generally keep what you catch. 

Dockside fishing is going strong and the catfish are loving any chunk of spawn you can find while cleaning your big lake catch. A chunk of cut bait made from the belly fat of a king is another good option if spawn is in short supply. If all else fails swipe a sausage off your buddies breakfast plate, drop it on the ground and step on it (you can avoid losing your bait to the 5 second rule this way) and set lines!  

Good luck fishing this week and keep a close eye on the weather, especially if you venture out into deep water. Fog is likely going to stick with us as well as conditions are nearly perfect for it.






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