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One look at the webcam and you know it's going to be another interesting weekend. Last weekend was pretty fun as the cold weather leading up to it had fish moving everywhere. Friday night we did well out in 100 - 130 fow and I had intentions of heading right back there Saturday Morning. As many of you that fished may have noticed, I didn't get that far. As we neared the end of the channel I noticed something that I used to pay more attention to, seagulls and cormorants. There were lots of them. The old rule about following the birds can, and did, pay off big time. I'd also like to mention that when 5 of the 15 or so people on the piers are fighting fish and both of the boats fishing there are too, it might be worth giving it a shot. We had about 40 hits inside Saturday and boated 16. Our batting average stunk but it was a blast. There was a mix of coho's, kings and steelhead and they were hammering everything we threw at them. The top producers were a pearl and black dot Tomic plug for kings and everything was attacking our Hello Darlin Super Slims. Our center pole took 7 shots with this bait running on the slider. It was riding 10 feet down and 5 feet back. Jager Bomb and Orange Crush Stingers and Super Slims were also going steady. Saturday afternoon was good but definitely slower and conditions were changing. Sunday morning as we arrived at the mouth of the channel I noticed there were 3 times as many people on the pier but hardly a gull or cormorant in sight. Nobody was fighting a fish. Without wetting a line we went deep and found the fish to be more scarce there too. We did pick away and had a good morning with fish coming from the surface to 160' down in water from 150 - 210' deep. The Big White Paddle with an Illusion fly at 135' down went 4 times and was our best rig. We had 10 other bites but no other bait went twice in the same place. Friends nearby had success with wire divers dragging meat rigs set over 200' back. His success this spring with meat sent my son to the bait shop to re-stock our supply as it's been a steady producer of big kings for Denny. With the wind blowing hard from the north, a current still coming from the south and water temperatures that only vary 2-1/2 degrees from top to bottom in 80 fow, the fish are going to be moving around a lot. You can bet I'll be watching for birds as I leave the channel this Saturday morning but if they're not around I'll probably head to 100' and wander westward. With a trend towards warmer temps in the forecast, look for the fish to continue to slowly move out and scatter just in time for the Off Shore Challenge. Get ready to fish as many poles as you legally can and fill the gas tank up before heading out.

Closer to home the bayous are giving up pretty good catches of decent gills and crappie but there is a fair amount of sorting required. Wax worms are still the top bait but poppers and rubber spiders should work well on warmer days and will help sort out the little guys for you. Bass are abundant and you can fish your favorite methods during this time of the year. Surface with plugs and buzz baits or a "wacky worm" presentation for those that like soft plastics will yield plenty of fun. This weekend is the bass opener for those that like to put them on the plate. Catfish are biting well around the marina with some dandies around 10 lbs showing up once in a while. If you have some old lunch meat or leftovers from your barbecue (or your neighbors) this weekend, put it on a hook, toss your line in, sit back and enjoy a little r&r and see what happens.

Have a wonderful Memorial weekend and don't forget to take a moment and give thanks to those that made it all possible.

Good Luck!




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