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It's seems Mother Nature wanted us fisherman to be with our mothers or wives this weekend. Thankfully though the weather held out earlier this week and there was some very good fishing to be had ahead of this cold front. On our first official charter of the season I made a couple calls to guys that were already fishing and found out that the fish that had been in 70 - 120 had moved. We set up in 120, took a 17.5 lb king in 140 fow and then went dry until 190, just a short distance from last Saturday's waypoint, when it got interesting quick. The 1 color lead, 4 color lead, center rigger at 140' and a high diver 115' back took off in about a 3 minute span. 2 cohos, a king and a lake trout caused the excitement and my friend about 300 yards away experienced an almost identical flurry. For the next 3 hours we circled from 180' to 215' and picked away pretty steadily winding up with an even dozen, including two more dandy kings at 15 and 16 lbs, and missing another 6 fish. No one rig was especially effective but most of the action took place from the surface to 45' down. Mixed Veggies, Freakin Veggies, Jager Bomb's and Orange Crush were all good patterns on standard sized Stingers and Dreamweaver Super Slims. The short lead cores near the surface were picking steadily on cohos with a little more variety on the deeper rigs. The two trout we took were on the center rigger at 140' with different fly/paddle rigs. A faster speed seemed to help later in the morning. 2.6 mph was good early but when fishing slowed a bit I bumped it up to 3 - 3.2 mph after rods on the outside took shots on turns and the action picked back up. Thursday was apparently even more fun as my friend Denny Grinold went right back to our spot from Wednesday and he boated his 4 man limit by 10:30. 14 of his fish were cohos. Denny's kings from both days came on a meat rig fished 180' back on a wire diver.

I'm not sure what's happening on the bayous as I didn't hear from anyone that gave it a try but there's a nice little bunch of gills sitting behind my boat eating everything that floats by. They look like a school of piranha’s in a feeding frenzy. Keep your small pets out of the water.

The cool weather going through could very well move fish back in around the river as the surface temps had warmed considerably. On Saturdays trip the surface was 40.8 degrees in 190 and by Wednesday it was 53 - 53.8 in the same area. I don't fish until the end of next week but if I had to go out before then I'd definitely look closely around the edge of the river water as the strong northerly winds will cool things off and probably drag plenty of fish in towards the warmer water. Big kings are especially prone to doing this but will also push to head out again as soon as the weather settles. 

If you head out Monday don't forget your snowsuit. There's a frost warning in the forecast.

Good luck!



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