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Hey everyone, sorry for the lack of fishing reports in the last month. Between working 50 hours a week at his day job then running charters every night and weekends with me, my dad just hasn't had much time to sit down and write up a report.  So, to help him out, I figured I'd give it a shot. As most of you can tell it is cold out. Last night the water temperature was 49 degrees 50 feet down and cooling by the hour. Fishing should be good as soon as the lake allows us to get out without feeling like we're fishing on the bearing sea. Because the water temperature is constantly changing, last night could be old news but we caught most our fish in 80 feet of water trolling north and south. Hot baits were a white fish scale paddle with a pickled sunshine fly behind it as close to bottom as we could get it. Other hot baits were eyeball man paddle with a green glow fly 130 back on a wire diver, 11'' white crush spinny with a mo mo meat rig behind it and a dark green spinny with a pickled sunshine fly 210 back on a high diver. Ace high glow plug on a 200 copper, wonderbread plug on a 150 copper and a pearl and black dot atomic 45 down also took some fish. We should be fishing in front as soon as the lake calms down and hot baits to remember would be any and all glow plugs, pearl and black dot atomic,  #3 chrome with a red head, #3 Grinch plug, #3 Metallica man, and any smaller atomic pearl colored plugs should be good as well. Run your divers between 25 and 50 feet back set on 3, riggers anywhere from 7 feet down to bottom and run your baits behind the ball 50-70 feet back. You can try using shorter leadcores but keep a close eye on it with other boats. REMEMBER, we are all out there to have fun and catch some fish. Fishing in front can be stressful with that many boats fishing in such a small area. Here are a few tips to remember when fishing inside to try and make it more enjoyable.

1. Always try to go with the flow of the boats, no one likes the odd guy out whose going opposite to what everyone else is trying to do. 

2. If you choose to run as many rods as you can and fish leadcore, then don't get mad at others for fishing behind you and possibly running over some of them. 

3. Try to leave some room for the guys fishing the pier.

4. Probably the most helpful tip is to match the speed of other boats that are catching fish. If someone behind you is hitting fish and you are not, and that boat is starting to pass you, then that is a sign you are going to slow. 

5. Also it may be a lot of fun to try and fish by yourself in there but that is the most common reason for a traffic jam inside. If you are planning on fishing by yourself try to stay to the north or south of the pack of boats. The sandbars are also a good choice to try fishing solo because they hardly ever get fished. 


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