Fishing Reports
8/7/2012 AM
It is nice to fish two days in a row when the conditions are similar.  We used our knowledge from the day before and left the dock a few minutes earlier.  With the south and west winds, we decided to set up a bit deeper.  We were able to get 7 lines in the water before the fire drill began.  It was almost to the exact minute when it began the previous morning.  The temp break seemed to move down another 10 feet so we concentrated on 75-105 feet in the water column and stayed on a west troll until we hit 205 fow. We concentrated on 140-200 for the rest of the day.  The program was almost identical to the day before, except for the large king that managed to take out 4 lines as the sun was coming up.  No gear was lost, but 4 lines were out of the action during the power hour.  Blue chrome paddle, UV fish scale paddle and rubber poopster fly, Uv glow paddle and liquid sunshine fly on the riggers.  Meat rig on the wire diver and 400 copper again picked away at the fish.  We only took one bite in the 9 o clock hour but made a few small adjustments and crossed our finger while we waited, picking up our last 4 fish for a three man limit during the next hour.  Although I threw my favorites out there, once again we only took one of our bites on a 8 inch sp dr and fly.  With the fading moon and the warm water, things may change, but the good news is that we marked fish from 75 out to 205 early and consisantly from 150-200 later in the day.


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