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Fishing remains excellent on Lake Michigan right now as the recent stretch of north winds has brought large numbers of hungry kings and steelhead into the shallows in our area. 20 to 100 feet of water has been the preferred fishing ground for most of us this past week with plenty of fish taken in the river earlier this week. Lead cores of 1 to 5 colors were very effective with Jäger Bomb, Orange/Green Edge and Freakin Veggie standard size Stinger and Dreamweaver Super Slims being the top choices for us. Now for the rest of the story. The current has been racing and changing water temps and fish attitudes by the minute. Fishing out as far as 200 foot of water today was an effective way to keep the action going as the temps warmed up inside. Cover the water as best you can from the surface down to 100 ft as you move out. Wire divers continue to work very well with the green 8" Spin Dr trailing a Pickled Sunshine Fly. Play with your speed continuously to keep up with the ever changing currents.

Pier fisherman enjoyed another productive week with live alewives topping the list as the bait of choice. The heat and warm weather in the forecast will not be welcomed by these anglers but the current could always bring a welcome shot of cold water so don't give up. 

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# Buckslayer
Tuesday, August 7, 2012 5:09 PM
It has been almost a month since you last posted. I understand being busy and that the information you share is voluntary information. I read evey posting you make and appreciate the tips and information you provide. However... I am in dire need of a recent update.


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