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June is only 13 days old but we've already seen typical June fishing (nap time), good June fishing, and just plain excellent fishing. The trend so far has seen the best fishing a couple days after the latest cold front so we should be looking at a pretty good weekend coming up. The most consistent water has been the 80 - 140 foot range but there have been some very nice catches taken near the piers and as far out as 370' feet of water in the last 7 days. If you find cold surface temps when you head out in the morning, and notice a large number of people on the pier swinging landing nets, put some orange and gold on and give the steelhead a try before venturing out deeper. If kings are your primary target, slide out to about 60 or 70' before daylight and set up with your favorite glow spoons and spinnie/fly combos. UV anything seems to be a good choice lately too. Make sure and cover a wide range of depths as we've had good success on half cores all the way down to the bottom with some nice four year old kings pushing the 17 lb mark hitting at all levels. Our best rigs lately have been wire divers with magnum Dipsies rigged with an 8" green/pearl glow Spin Dr. pulling a Pickled Sunshine fly (when the sun is up high) and the silver Alley Cat spoon in standard and magnum sizes fished on any pole you want to put it on. It's been most active for us on our 450' copper. On the half cores, high divers and short cores the Freakin Veggie, Mixed Veggie and Orange Killer in standard sized Stinger and Super Slim spoons have been very reliable. In the depth ranges from 40 to 80 foot down Modified Blue and Green dolphins in both standard and magnum sizes have been very effective. For the deep rigger, try either the big White/Fishscale Paddle with a Frosted Poofster or the Trash Can and yellow/red spot Spin-n-Glo. While you're out pay special attention to the current. It's been racing lately and changing dramatically during a morning on the water. Monitor your down speed closely if you have a probe and if not keep a close eye on your diver rods as they're good speed indicators too. Note your gps speed over ground and heading when you're hitting fish and stick with it as long as possible. Several friends of mine had great luck on a south troll the other morning and didn't turn for four hours as they heard others remark that they couldn't hit going north. Conditions change quickly though and that same evening we had excellent success traveling in both directions but we did have to play with our speed to keep the action going. With the constant wild swings in temperatures I expect the issues with the current to continue for now.

For those of you fishing the piers it's been a good month. Plenty of nice steelhead are being taken daily on alewives and frozen shrimp suspended under a bobber. I've heard that good numbers of perch are being taken with the cool water temps and alewives drawing them in. Young alewives are hard to beat in these conditions but salad shrimp or shrimp chunks work pretty good too. Another bonus to using shrimp is that if you keep them cold you can eat your bait if the fishing is slow. I don't recommend doing that with the alewives no matter how cold you keep them or how much cocktail sauce you use.

Inland fishing has been great lately for bass and my kid caught a 21", 6lb whopper the other night on a wacky worm. The action was pretty steady and the 3 boys caught more than a dozen nice fish in a couple hours on the bayous in Spring Lake. The bluegill fishing is slowing rapidly for bigger fish as they've mostly moved off the beds and moved out into deeper water. Fish early in the morning for the bigger fish and go with the lightest tackle you can to fool the big ones. The catfish around the dock have become more elusive lately and have likely moved into deeper water. Steak trimmings and hot dogs have gone untouched during my last couple of attempts.

Sorry for the long breaks between reports this summer but long hours at the office and steady charters have combined to limit my free time. Hopefully I'll be able to get back on track shortly.



David Kennedy
# David Kennedy
Thursday, June 14, 2012 7:53 AM
Thanks for the extensive report. Glad to hear charter business doing well.

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