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I was only able to interview one angler from Muskegon so I don't feel confident in giving that report at this time.

Grand Haven - Salmon anglers are fishing 110-170 and downrigger depth is 30 - bottom. Spoons are being run high and spinnies/paddles are being ran lower. Colors are orange, blues and greens. Pier anglers are still doing well for perch and steelhead. Shrimp with a bobber or alewife on the bottom both have been working.



Larry Stauffer/ No Bananas
# Larry Stauffer/ No Bananas
Tuesday, June 19, 2012 12:03 AM
Fishing report from the No Bananas for June 16,2012. We had an awesome morning on the water Saturday. Started setting lines at 0400. At 0500 i finally gotm all set. At 0505 the bite was on! By 0530, we had two fish in the cooler,two floppn an the floor one in the net and one threw the hook ! Pulled lines at 10:30, with a total of 14 in the box,lost 4. I went against almost all resent fishing reports and just fallowed my gut on what i've used in the past years for the month of June. Before daylight, i used a blk. hoochie mama w/a glow fly 65 down on a rigger,Kevorkian glow 45 down on a rigger,and moonshine spoons, Flounder Pounder and the T.N.T. on half and full cores. The M. Jackson took a few on half cores too. Most of the fish we caught were btwn. 90 and 140 f.o.w. way north of the pier heads. We had a total of 5 stl. hd. and 9 kings. 3 of our kings were in the 16 to 18 lb. range and the stl. hd. were 8 to 12. According to the radio chatter, we were doing better than most. It sounded like the other boats ave. were 4 to 6 fish each. I passed on as much i could. I hope i helped somebody.

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