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Another terribly slow report.  Grand Haven/Holland have similar reports again


Grand Haven--Pier anglers have been trying for salmon using spoons, spawn, or alewives if around.  Spoons are most productive in an orange, red, or glow.

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And I thought June was tough! The good news for this weekend is that it'll probably be too rough to fish Saturday so you can feel good about sitting around and watching football.

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Grand Haven/Holland have the same fishing report and the report is SLOW!
Salmon anglers have been trolling the channels at both port with chrome and redhead plugs, green plugs, white pearl with colored or black dots.
Pier anglers have been using spawn, alewives, and spoons to catch salmon.
I know that boats have gone offshore to find steelhead or young salmon and struggled too.


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Are you ready for some fishing? Hope so because the Salmon Festival is this weekend!

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I am sorry to say that my report for both Grand Haven/ Holland is extremely SLOW.
Salmon anglers have been fishing the channel with plugs.  White, pearl, silver with green or red, and the white with multi color dots have all taken fish.

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Holy big fish Batman! Week after week fish over 20 lbs continue to land in coolers at a pace that I haven't seen since the 80's. My sons were running the boat the other morning when a real trophy showed up that topped the 30 lb mark for us for the first time in over 15 years!

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