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Repeated East and North winds have caused the Lake to "turn over" in the past few days. The result has been that subsurface water has cooled considerably and fish and bait have moved higher in the water column. Water temps as low as 39 degrees have been observed. Fishing remains very good with increasing numbers of Coho showing up along with Kings and Lake Trout. While blue and green remain the best colors, fish are being caught an spoons, flies, plugs and meat rigs. We caught fish on coppers, (150 to 300), divers (120 to 220 out) and riggers set from 45 to 75 feet down. Now is the time to go fishing!

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Waters off Grand Haven have warmed considerably after repeated south winds. Surface temps are in the upper 70's and sub-surface temps vary greatly. Our Fish Hawk probe 77 feet down showed temps from 73 degrees to 43 degrees from 100 fow out to 220 fow. Finding proper temps and bait is the secret to good fishing and action can be very good when you find this combination. Green meat rigs and flies behind white slick Spinnies in both 8 and 11 inch sizes as well as blue and green spoons like the Dolphins have all been good producers. Moonshine glow spoons are good choices in low light conditions. Make sure to check your gear as some real tackle busters are showing up.

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Fishing off Grand Haven is steadily improving as more and larger fish are showing up. Fishing effort has been hampered by strong winds and high waves. Surface water is very warm so look for cooler temperatures offshore and at least 70 feet down. While there have been reports of success with glow spoons, our best action has come on flies and meat rigs. An 11 inch white paddle and the Oceana fly down 80 to 110 feet was by far our best taking numerous hits and fish including mature Kings as well as Lake Trout. Action was also good on our divers set 180 to 220 out with green flies behind 8 inch Spin Doctors in Kevin's girlfriend and white slick patterns. Meat rigs in green patterns have also caught fish. Watch for changing temperature patterns as wind directions are forecast to change in the next week.


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