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Grand Haven---Anglers are fishing 140-240 FOW and 20-80 ft down. Gold spoons with orange and yellow have been the best. Blue paddles with a blue or white fly 50-70ft down have also worked well.


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 Because of inconsistent reports and to save fuel, we opted to fish the muddy and stained water in close.  Temps were cold and baitfish were plentiful.  Thursday provided Steelhead and Kings and a lone Brown on 3 to 7 color lead cores with bright spoons with spots. Riggers set 24 and 30 took hits as well.  DW spoons i

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This past week has produced some fair catches but I've heard the phrases "That's why they call it fishing and not catching" and "At least it's a nice day for a boat ride" more times than I care to hear them for the rest of my days.

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Grand Haven---Anglers are fishing 75-175 FOW and running baits from the surface down to 70 ft.  Spoons are still taking most fish and colors are orange, blue, and green.  Spinnie bites have came on a white spinnie with green fly.  Meat rigs that are yellow have caught fish too.


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Recent strong north winds have brought cold water close to shore.  Surface temps are in the 50's with the temps in the low 40's only 20 feet down.  The result has been that fish have scattered but the good news is that while numbers have generally not increased, the quality of the fish caught has.  Kings to 22 pounds and Steelhead to 14 pounds have been caught. Fish have been caught from 30 fow 

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 This report might be changing quickly, since with the cool weather and strong north wind the water is cooling and fish are on the move.
Grand Haven/Muskegon---Anglers were fishing 120-150 FOW and running baits on the surface down to 90 ft.
Fish are starting to be caught more on paddles.  Paddles are white and the best fly is blue.  Spoon colors are blue and gold.

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 Grand Haven and Muskegon have similar reports this week.   Anglers have been fishing 110-165 FOW and down depth is 45 ft-120 ft.  Spoons still work well in mostly blue patterns.  White paddles also have started to catch fish. Meat rigs that are blue in color have worked on dipsy rods.

 Grand Haven-Has been very slow on the pier.  Guys have been casting for large and smallmouth bass.  Bait has been hard to come by.


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Can you believe it's already the Fourth of July? I can because just like last year the changing weather is keeping the fireworks on Dewey Hill instead of of on the back decks of the fishing boats! Today was the beast opportunity to get out after some pretty windy weather and the catches were skinny. I spoke with guys that fished from 70 - 240 FOW and the story was the same, slow.

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Grand Haven and Muskegon have slowed for salmon fishing and the fog, weather, and wind has made fishing very difficult


Grand Haven---Salmon anglers have been fishing 85-110 FOW and 40-90 ft down.  Spoons are still the main bait of choice in colors of blues and yellows. 

The commercial fishing nets located between

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