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Entries for May 2014


Grand Haven—Salmon anglers have been fishing 120-160FOW. Baits are being ran 25-50ft down.  225 coppers and 3 to 12 colors of leadcore have all caught fish. Spoons in mini and regular sizes and mostly oranges, bright greens, and spoons that have UV are working too.

Perch fishing has really slowed

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Grand Haven---King fishing is really heating up here. Anglers have been fishing 30-70FOW with the best depth being 40-55FOW.  3 colors of lead down to 43ft on riggers has been the depth range that has caught fish.  Anglers have been working the Grand River mudline and  the clean water just outside the mudline.  Spoons are baits of choice in mini and regular sizes.  Orange, gold, mixed veggie, and UV baits are all working.

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Grand Haven:  Boat anglers have their choice between salmon or perch. For salmon, most are trolling in waters out to 60 feet deep however 35 to 45 feet seems to produce the most fish when using 3, 5 and 7 color lead core. Set downriggers 20 to 35 feet with orange and gold spoons. Perch anglers are still taking fish in the 60 foot hole just south of the south pier. Try minnows, spikes or wigglers. Pier fishing was slow for those casting spoons

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It looks like it's time to get started, unless you're a perch fisherman in which case I hope you've been out as much as time has permitted over the last couple weeks.

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Grand Haven---A few kings have shown up along with browns.  Anglers have been fishing 8-60 FOW with 30-45 FOW being the best depth.  24ft down on riggers has caught fish. Anglers are fishing right out of Grand Haven. Anglers are also using planner boards to fish the top water.  Anglers are using their favorite spring baits.
Perch fishing is good in 60 FOW in the holes south of the south pier. 

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