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 This will be my last fishing report for the season.
Still my report is very slim, but steelhead fishing in G.Haven has been better the last couple of days.
Pier and shore anglers in G.Haven have had luck catching steelhead.  They have been using spawn, but yesterday an angler did catch a steelhead with shrimp. Menominee has been hit and miss off the piers and I have not heard of any whitefish

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 My report is very slim again for G.Haven/Muskegon.  I do not have boat info from either port.  So, only pier info.  Anglers are fishing both north and south piers in G.Haven for steelhead.  Very few steelhead have been caught.  Spawn is the bait of 

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 A slim report from me again for G.Haven/Muskegon.  I don't have any boat info from either port.
Pier fisherman in G. Haven have been catching a very few steelhead using spawn as bait.  Gizzard shad are around, so those could be used for bait, but usually not the bait of choice.
Anglers have just started to fish the pier in Muskegon.  Also using spawn as bait.  But, I haven't heard of any steelhead or kings being caught yet.
I don't have any Muskegon or Grand river info either.

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